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The Internet can be a tempting place to waste time – don’t let it be your time. Mangano IT Solutions provides full-scale web monitoring services that provide you with total control over your company’s Internet access.

Some of the benefits of our web monitoring service for Brisbane IT network support include:

Access Control: control Internet access to time-sucking social media websites by limiting – or even eliminating – access to these sites by employees during work hours. Allows you to also block or limit access to streaming media sites, which can be a major drain on your bandwidth resources.

Flagging: protect your people from identity theft and your company from the loss of precious data by flagging all suspicious websites and blocking sites that may have already been breached by cyber attack.

Usage Visibility: you no longer have to take a walk around the office to see what employees are doing on their computers. Our real-time web monitoring reports let you see exactly what each user is doing, helping you enforce and monitor company Internet policies and procedures. Our web monitoring solutions also allows you to record chat and instant messages and track email.

Risk Management: actively monitoring your company’s Internet for illegal downloading or security risks has become a management imperative for conducting business in the 21st century. Brisbane businesses may need a proactive web monitoring solution to remain compliant in many areas, including legal. Mangano IT Solutions’ web monitoring services gives you control over the management of risk.

If you want to learn how to do business better with an IT business solutions partner that can help you cut costs and improve productivity, then you need to talk to Mangano IT Solutions.